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Made for Corgi Jam 2015, this was our group's first game on the Unity engine and our first 3D game overall! Who knew corgis were intended to be shepherding dogs?

Help the corgi corral the spherical sheep from the shed into the wooden fence pens!

Use arrow keys to move the corgi.

Use Left Control to use instant-capture bark.

* The sheep move randomly when left alone but will always want to move away from the corgi if the corgi gets too close, use this to herd the sheep the way you want.

* You receive 2 points for herding sheep into the pen.

* You receive 1 point for bark-capturing the sheep.

* You lose 3 points if a sheep escapes into the long grass bordering the game world.

* The corgi can walk into the long grass and pens with no penalty.

* Your instant-capture bark has a two second delay between barks, limited range, and tight spread; aim carefully!

* There is currently no lose or win condition, so play as long as your corgi corral-ing heart desires!

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